Episode 47 | The Stories of AIMS - Jason Chamberlain

August 3, 2017

Jason Chamberlain is a Research Associate who was working with the Early Math Team this past Spring. He talks with me about how he saw children progress through the earliest formal stages of counting and describes a game that this team developed to reflect these stages. His enthusiasm and passion for this process are abundant and obvious.


Episode 46 | The Stories of AIMS - Elizabeth McDaniel

July 27, 2017

Elizabeth McDaniel, Elizabeth is a very exciting person to end this series with this year. She is a self-described “AIMS Kid.” She takes this title because, as she tells us, her auntie Carmella was (and is) an AIMS Facilitator while she was growing up and visiting her. Elizabeth tells of playing science with Aunt Carmella and how this has infused her teaching and her whole professional trajectory. With three years of formal connection to AIMS as a Facilitator she represents another of our new recruits, but in her case no recruiting seems to have been needed, she sees her involvement as a natural outgrowth of her whole upbringing.


Episode 45 | The Stories of AIMS - Rachel Eure

July 20, 2017

Rachel Eure is one of AIMS newest of Facilitator recruits. She has been with us now for one full year. She tells us of how she came to AIMS early in her career as a teacher. Her enthusiasm for both teaching children through our activities and working with teachers to open their own mindsets is clear and infectious. She was in Fresno for our Facilitators workshops this summer and hung out with me at the end of a long day.


Episode 44 | The Stories of AIMS - Deb Porcarelli

July 13, 2017

Debby Porcarelli, Deb as we call her around the office, heads up the Professional Learning Division. As such we start with her to give us a picture of what the vision is for this arm of the organization. After some history that gives us a sense of just how Deb has distinguished herself here, we hear her talk about how things are, and where she sees them going as we strengthen our models for professional learning.


Episode 43 | The Stories of AIMS - Wilma Hashimoto

July 6, 2017

Wilma T. Hashimoto is also a member of the AIMS Early Math Team and joins Chris in the studio. She talks of her journey to become a researcher of early learning, her many years of working on behalf of young children, and some of the active research she is involved in. For Wilma learning through play is a strong focus, which she finds supported in the research she is reading with her team. She relates a story about a game, “Frog Splash” wherein she describes learning events occurring even while the children involved are not expecting to be learning.


Episode 42 | The Stories of AIMS - Elizabeth Gamino

June 29, 2017

Elizabeth Gamino shares her story the Early Math Team’s focus on brain development and its influence learning in pre-school aged children. The effects of early math on later academic success became a focus, and driving force into further study. Ultimately this team has focused “Center-based Activities,” and some games that this team has created for children to explore and grow with. The Frog-Splash game, and other “non-linear” game boards and their role in these center-based activities are described. She goes into a few specific student stories that will interest anyone fascinated by the 4 year old mind.


Episode 41 | The Stories of AIMS - Beverly Ford

June 22, 2017

Beverly Ford, updates us on the progress she and the other members of her team are observing in their work within a particular school setting. She tells a few stories related to how her students are demonstrating various stages of learning. Bev expands on some of the things her partner, David Pearce, discussed in last week’s podcast. This team was focusing on the stage in a child’s development that focuses upon the connection between subtractive and additive behaviors.


Episode 40 | The Stories of AIMS - David Pearce

June 15, 2017

David Pearce, presently a member of our Coordinating Units team spent that last year working with the K-1 students. He relates to us a few instances where he saw the work of Steffe and others come to life, and how it is changing his perspective on children’s mathematics.


Episode 39 | The Stories of AIMS - Aileen Rizo

June 8, 2017

Aileen Rizo is a member of our Early Math Team and works primarily with children in the Pre-School ages of 3-4 years old. Their work and investigation into how children at this age is primarily focused upon how youngsters develop from being able to recite a number word sequence (one that may not, in fact, be accurate) to a place where they can use that sequence to count elements of some set. Aileen tells us of some of her experiences this past year with her team, and with some of the tasks they created to assist children to progress in these abilities.


Episode 38 | Perception and Reality: Do We Create Our Own?

June 1, 2017

Description: Dr. Steve Pauls talks with us about what are the factors that can alter perception. We discuss the role of context and how it can reveal or conceal information that your brain processes. With nearly 11 million bits of sensory data assailing your brain at any single moment, our brains have evolved impressive routines for filtering out the important bits. One strong filter we use is pattern. We have brains that rely upon repetitions of previously observed patterns to achieve stasis, then, when a pattern is broken do we have an opportunity for intrigue and learning.

It is recommended that listeners of this podcast also view Steve’s Colloquium on the same topic from May 8, 2017.

Furthermore you are encouraged to watch this TED talk by Beau Lotto on Optical Illusions.


One final thought. For those truly intrigued and ready to have you mind blown, listen to this podcast put together by the folks over at Radio Lab. Is blue a real color?